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Vanity of Vanities

I still have my mother's scissors. She is long gone,

That is about all. The hand that held them is long gone, and when I am gone, they will end in a scrap heap.

Vanity: that possessions in the end mean everything. They mean nothing!.

We live in an era of greed, although greed has been around forever.

But today, the middle class stagnates and the top one percent thrives.

There are exceptions, like Gates and Buffet who share, but they are exceptional.

We have a president who cuts food stamps for the hungry poor, and glorifies greed. He puts children in cages, and covets a tower with his name emblazoned on it in Moscow!

International corporations and the pharma industries drug the people with opiods on their way to the bank!

Vanity of vanities!

"Thus it will be for all who store up treasure for themselves..."

"You fool, this night, {or some night}

your  life will be demanded of you!"

And so we pray:

O God give me the wisdom,

to reject the vain allure of possessions and things.

It is only reltionships that have enduring value.

Help me to treasure friends and family.

all else is vanity of vanities!