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Joseph, A Man of Hope

"The man in the background," Joseph enters the Scriptures on this the last Sunday of Advent.

Joseph is the exemplar of all our hopes and dreams.

He awakens in the darkness of his dreams, and goes forward guided by Hope.

From "Living In The Shadow Of Terror:"

At the end of the old century, our lives were cocooned in certainity.

Advertizing assured us of perfection.

We could purchase everything.

...We had our eye on the target,

and everything seemed under our complete control.

What more to hope for?

Our new century ushered in uncertainty.

and thus an opportunity for Hope to thrive.

Hope comes alive when we are not sure.

It is then that we need Hope.

And she comes always valiant, to walk by our side.

Hope does not flourish on the brightest day.

Hope comes alive on the darkest of nights."

And so we pray:

Come Lord Jesus

Into the darkness of our lives.

Renew our Hope,

so we might glimpse

the ever rising Light.