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You are the Salt of the earth!

When my grandfather William Fitzgerald died in 1937, the editor of the Journal Stockman paper referred to him as "the salt of the earth."

What a compliment!

And then the Gospel tells us "You ae the light of the world."

So we might ask ourselves what flavor do I present to my world? Bitter?

tangy? sweet? sour?

And what about the light we shine forth?

Dim? Flickering? Bright?

This week there was a test of courage in the U.S. Senate.

A light did shine brightly.

We may disagree with some of the tenets of the Church of Later Day Saints,

But we should greatly admire the light of faith that enabled Mit Rommney to stand by his faith and honor the oath he took to God to be honest in passing judgment.

His was a profile in courage, and when other senators names are in the dust bin of history, there will surely be an asterisk by his name that for a moment his light shone brightly in our darkness.

And so we pray:

God bless America,

land that we love.

Stand beide her,

and guide her

with the light from above.