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June 2, 2013
Feast of Corpus Christi

Solitary confinement can drive some inmates mad.
It is the rare hermit that can endure it.
The human is hard wired for communion.
And it is at meals that we find the best opportunities for commingling and for communing.

When there is something going on, we celebrate at a meal:
From . . . wedding banquets to funeral luncheons . . . we gather to visit, to share, to celebrate or to mourn.

Jesus had a table ministry. He loved to go to parties!
His cousin, John the Baptist, was just the opposite.
He retired to the desert and ate locusts and honey.
We can trace monastic practices to John.

And of course we trace our Eucharistic Banquet to Jesus.

It is said of the Eucharist we:
Gather the folks,
Break the bread.
And tell the stories.

At the time of Vatican II, the Mass had become too much of a spectator event.

The priest had his back to the people and they watched from afar.

That is why the Vatican II Decree on the Liturgy declared the Liturgy WAS TO HAVE THE FULL AND ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF THE LAITY.

We do not go to any banquet to watch. We go to participate.

And we know from our human experience, we are gathered together in the sharing of a meal and a bond of unity is forged.

We likewise cannot be Eucharistic AND SOLITARY.
Holy Communion is communion with Christ and with each other.
It is true to say that at Eucharist: Christ becomes us. And we become Christ!

In the 5th century, Saint Augustine in instructing the newly baptized adults about their first Holy Communion said: "when the priest presents the Sacred Bread and says, CORPUS CHRISTI." You are to respond:

"Yes! We are!"

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That response is Eucharist in action.

You and she are one body.
One in communion.
"Body of Christ!........................!Yes...................We are!"

Breakfast Question: What exactly did Saint Augustine mean about Eucharist?

Personal Reflection: How do I fully participate at Eucharist?