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We are like the Hebrew people on their journey,,,

We all are in a DESERT-ED place.We can grumble aS they did, or look up and see the Seraph Serpent, the symbol of ultimate healing.

The Donkey

The little burro is center stage at the Christmas Crib, and today on Palm Sunday.

Jesus didn't  enter Jerusalem on a prancing stallion, but rather on the back of a humble donkey.

Paul Messinger has a story about such an animal.

It was raining cats and dogs, when the rancher looked out his window at a strange siight. His one donkey, instead of going into the barn, stood outside forlornly in the rain.

He took his field glass, and saw something beneath the animal, but could not make out what. it was.

So he put on his slicker and went out to investigate and when he reached the

burro, beneath it was a new born lamb which the donkey was shielding from the storm!

True Story!

Another: When I was pastor at St. James, we secured an Abyssinian Jack Ass to walk in the Palm Sunday procession by my side.

The Deacon was heard to remark: "It was great to see the Pastor dragging his Ass across the parking lot!"

These are difficult days, We need to smile even during Holy Week.

P.S. The Abyssinuan Jackass has a black cross running down his back.

And so we pray:

O God pour down your blessings upon those who shield us from this pandemic, first responders, heath care workers, grocery clerks and all who serve.