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In the beauty orf his bosom Christ transfigures you and me!

Glory! Glory! HALLEULIA!

Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth!

Chaos is NOT the work of the Holy Spirit.

Peaceful Non Violence IS as evidenced by Martin Luter King.

No doubt a favorite word of John the Evangelist is GLORY.

And one of our favorite songs is all about Christ's glory and how it transfgures you and me.

The glorified Christ is different. He passes through closed doors.

And his glorious resurection  assures us we shall also be glorified.


And yet in the midst of this glorious Easter Cycle, we have the pandemic and Minneapolis burning.

Justice delayed amounts to justice denied.

Thia is not a glorious period of time.

We IMAGINE violent deaths all the time in our crime dramas and novels.

But this time we have witnessed a real murder recorded as it happened.

How thin is the membrane of civilized society!

As St.Thomas reminds us,in the Eucharist "we have a pledge of future glory."

But in the meantime our journey is messy, and far from glory.

And so we pray:

Deliver us from evil.

Deliver us from the glamour of evil,

whether it be te boot heal of a police bully,

or the arm of an incendary arsonist.

Your way must be our way,

before we ever arrive at Glory.