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Corpus Christi-The Body and Blood of Christ

The way Jesus chose to remain with us was through a meal!

But yet today too many in our world do not even have a meal to share.

No wonder Ghandi said:

"There are people in our world so hungry that God cannot come to them except through bread."

Close to 1/8 of the world, almost a billion live in hunger.

One ot of four AMERICAN children live with hunger!

On the road to Emaeus, the disciples "came to know him in the breaking of the bread,"

So we too must not only share through the breaking and distributing of the Eucharistic bread, we must also strive to share kitchen table bread.

There is no more effective way to do this than through

Bread For The World.

Google them and see how.

And so we pray:

"O Holy banquet

in which Christ is received,

 the soul is filled with grace,

and there is given to us:

a pledge of future glory.

St. Thomas Aquinas