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God Bless America.


"Rightful liberty is non obstructed action

according to our will

within limits

drawn around us

by the equal rights of others.

Thomas Jefferson


Civic leaders

Tweets and images

Daily model for us

Narcissim's Mirror

Reflecting back

It's all about ME!


"I cast off my mask.

I will not be tethered.

Don't tread on ME!

I am entrely free

to wreak havoc

And do MY thing!...

And we the least

in Care Centers

Retirement homes

The "Expendables?"

Reap the harvest

of the self centered ME.


Death stalks about

Settling scores,

The final arbiter

Of the human folly

And self conceit

that masks our sight.

+ + +

God bless America,

Land that I love.

Stand beside Her

and guide her

through the night

with the light from Above...