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When we are bogged down

and tomorrow seems a dark dream,

Spirit Wind rattle our windows.

Lightning Spirit

Awaken us!


Tom Ridge, former Republican Governor of Pennsylvania and former Head of Homeland Security has just endorsed Joe Biden.

Article 8, Trump's Disdain for Government, especially the Military.

Trump and many of his followers simply deplore government as we have known it. Thomas Jefferson warned that a well informed populace is nescessary for a democracy to function. Trump's Propaganda machine labeled FOX News continues to promote a distrust of government in general.

Trump in particular has taken the word of Putin, over clear evidence presened by his OWN Intelligence Community that Russia interfered in the last election.

Not only that, but Trump who evaded military service because of "a bone spur" has mocked those heroes who lie in military burial grounds:


McCain: "a Loser!"

When his own military revealed that Putin put a bounty on the heads of American soldiers, Trump was silent. Nary a word to rebuke his pal, Vladimir Putin!

And when armed Right Wing "Patriots"/Terrorists occupied the Michigan State House, Trump  tweeted: "Liberate Michigan!"

They planned to do so by kidnaping the Governor and executing her!

This is disgraceful.

It is Reason #8 that a Christian in good conscience should vote against him, no matter what their Party affiliation.