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Today is a great feast. A Saint for our time would be Julian of Norwich who lived during the Plague of the Black Death. At one period in her 14th century it wiped out half of the population of Norwch, yet she wrote:

All things shall be well.

All manner of things shall be well!"


Reommended: "The Catholic Case For Joe Biden"

By Doctor Patrick Whelan

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Last in a Series of 10: Conscience Reasons Not To Vote For Trump:

1. His congenital lying.

2. Abortion of the mother earth's primal womb of life is the ultimate abortion which he ignores and denies is happennig because of Climate change.

What about abortion of infants if a Democrat is elected? The FACT is that the Obama administration, partly because of AFA had the historic LOW in the number of abortions!

3.Racial Bigotry:Trump endorsed by Daid Duke,Klu Klux Klan, Nuff said.

4.Criminal Entourage: Flynn, Mantafirt, Stone, and many more.

5. Health Care: If AFC is struck down people with pte existing conditions will be adrift without a life raft. Trump wants it gone with no plan of his own.

6. His disdain for His own government: He takes Putin's word over his own inelligence agencies and mocks the buried soldiers: "Suckers!"

9. Meglomania: "I am the greatist.........fill in the blanks.

10, Disdain for the poor:

545 kids still seperated from parents!

His plan for Social security would bankrupt the system by 2023

10. Environmetal protections gutted, thus effecting the health of everyone..

O God, Deliver us.