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A Day of Infamy

We have witnessed a Day Of Infamy.

Our democracy is a fragile vessal rocked by stormy seas.

In fact, civilization itself is a fragile fabric.

It is a thin veneer painted over savage impulses. We should not take it for granted.

And the Gospel we proclaim is but a hopeful portrait painted over a

very thin canvas, a painting yet to be completed, just a modest few brushes over canvas.

If we have lived long enough, we can remember the 1930's.

Germany was a country of high culture, great artists, painters, intellectuals, highly civilized, we thought.

Yet Hitler unleashed his storm troopers on city streets, and Gobbels a master propogandist, told lie after lie to the German people. Like the rainfall, a cascade of lies began to sink into the ground.

People believed because they wanted to. They were looking for a saviour who "will drain the swamp" and remove all their troubles.

Fast forward: 70 million Americans believed and voted for such a self proclaimed Saviour.

Yet he was a wolf in sheep's clothing who yesterday released his storm troopers.

What are we to do?

Perhaps we need to initiate a dialog with friends and neighbors of good will who voted for him and expected better.

I cannot imagine any of my friends who voted for him supporting yesterday's rebellion.

Trumpism like Facicism needs to be discussed by people of good will.

It is a cancer on the body politic.

The English say"God save the Queen!"

We must say and pray:

"God save our democracy!"