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Jesus is out and about!

We have moved quickly from the Christmas Season into the active adult life of Jesus. He is now out and about and making things happen.

He cures Peter"s mother in law and thus we learn the first pope is married.

Then he cures many others before going into th desert to pray.

This the active Jesus who nonetheless finds time to pray.

In our own time, Pope Francis is not just sitting in the Vatican twiddling his thumbs. He is proactive and acting.

We recently learned that he personally lobbied many world leaders to sign the Paris Climate accords.

For instance Yale University rcently published a journal titled: "How Pope Francis Changed The Climate Conversation"

We will soon enter the Season of Lent. It need not be a passive inactive season, where we retreat from a few goodies for awhile.

It should be a time to awaken to what is going on arond us.

To seize the moment to change our hearts and not our garments.

And so we pray:

Deliver us from twiddle dee, tweedele dum

to be proactive, observant

to the signs of our times:

The Covid Crisis should call us togeterr,

not rend us apart.




Must be our Lenten self denial,

and global awareness,

our enlightenment.