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Right now my arms and scalp look like a war zone, covered with ugly red blotches. It is a skin cancer preventative. But as ugly as it looks now, my dematologist assures me soon my skin wll radiate with new life. I will be transfigured.

Lent can be like that, a transfiguration.

We are iits first lap.

Buckle up, and keep going.

The Christ lght burns ahead of us as we move forward so we may be enlightened.

The prophets lead the way as we move throgh a jungle of misinformation and idol worship.

Yes, there is a new idol and he is not fading away.

A majority of Christian Evangelicals now believe that Donald Trunp "has been sent by God."

Pope Francis in "Let Us Dream" warns about Fundamentalism and he echoes the prophets who warn of idol worship.

The Golden Calf keeps reappearig in human history.

Come Holy Spirit.

Enlighten us.

Deliver us from evil.