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He knew human nature well."

The most dramatic moment in today's Gospel is Jesus oveturning the momey changers' tables and driving them out of the temple.

But the most poignant statement is:

"He knew human nature well."

It is fickle. It is unpredictable. It can we weak. It can be arrogant.

It can be all of that and more.

As we were reminded on Ash Wednesday we come from clay which sometimes can be arid and at other times fertile.

This week the Creighton Basketball Coach admonished his players to get together on "the plantation!"

Here is a man with sterling NON Racist credentials.

So just where did that word "plantation" come from?

A Fruedian Slip?

It is a reminder to us all, that in the human condition, we never get it "all together."

We muddle through the human situation.

And we should never get too low, nor excessively high regarding our human situation.

God will be patient. God is the potter.

We are the clay.

The coach, is a good man and he was repentant.

In Lent, we take a closer look at our human situation. 

What do we regret in this Lenten Season when

we take a closeer look at our human fraility?