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Open your eyes and see!

QAnon goes to show how some intelligent persons can be blinded by glaring and bold LIES.

We are called to be childen who walk in the light, who seek the light of truth.

Saint Patrick is an exemplar of passing from the dark into the light.

His enslavement was as a teenager, being kidnapped away from home, and all that was dear to him, and ending up being forced to the labor of sheep herding in a foreign land--Ireland.

In that misty land he knew the darkness of exile ad homesickness, as

well as the darkness of LONELINESS.

It was only after he escaped and out of the darknes of a dream that he heard the people of Ireland calling him back.

Today's Gospel is about the man born blind.

We all have our own "blind spots." as well.

And so  pray:

I arise today

through the strength of heaven.

Light of sun,

Radiance of moon,

Splendor of fire,

Speed of lightning...


Saint Patrick;s Breastplate