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And I The Gospel Jesus tells us to love our enemies. This is a radical demand.



High drama! David has a splendid opportunity to kill Saul, but he desists because Saul is “God’s anointed.”

in our time Putin has a splendid opportunity to cast his spear into the heart of Ukraine. Will he pull back?And in the Gospel Jesus makes the RADICAL DEMAND THAT WE LOVE OUR ENEMIES!

SO difficult!

”Who could love Putin with his creepy beady eyes and chest bearing exploits and thuggish facade?”

exclaims a woman friend.

Putin is all of that and more, yet he at least has some kind of nativistic love for Mother Russia, yet may plunge this loved one into untold bloodshed.


Perhaps by searching for some thread of good Will or decency beneath his murderous facade.

And if we find none?

Then we can only WILL charity toward him even though we FEEL NONE.

Ultimately we can only show Good Will.

And this can only be done through prayer, and so we pray: 

O God just as you stayed the hand of David as he held the spear above the heart of Saul,

stay the hand, and sword of 

VLadimiar Putin.

He is among our fellow baptized.

He loves his Mother Russia.

Move whatever shred of decency residing in him

to sheath his sword, and desist.