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A New Commandment: Love one another AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!”


“As I have loved you” means wholeheartedly, with sacrifice and devotion.”

we all fall short of that, but it is the goal of every Christian. But what about the Moscow Patriarch and Putin.?

There is a long history here of the Orthodox Church being subservient to the Emperor, or Czar, or Putin the Autocrat.

There was a centuries long struggle in the West also. At one point Napoleon Kidnapped the Pope for THREE YEARS trying to gain control of the Church.

in the West this was finally settled in our lifetime with the establishment of the Vatican State.

Here in the U.S. we can be thankful for the separation of Church and State.

So what of Putin and the Patriarch?

in Orthodox history it was often thought that Doing God’s Will was a prerogative of the Czar!

Thus Putin “is fufulling God’s WILL!