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"What a great word: PATH! My experience with God takes place along the path, both in the search, and allowing myself to be sought..."  Pope Francis

And what of our 2013 path and the 2014 path that opens before us.

The 2013 path has come to a juncture. We have left our marks on this path. And we shall not pass this way again. We have also mourned the loss of dear ones departed. They are now out ahead of us beyond the next horizon.

A new path beckons and invites us forward. Now is the time to gently let go of any back pack filled with guilt, or regrets. Let it go. Let it go. Let it be. 



On Saturday evenings I usually say Mass in our old mission in Spanish for a group of Mexicans. Two weeks ago I was removing my vestments when a stranger approached me. The Mexican people were dancing around the altar and singing and it was hard for me to understand her. Finally I understood: she asked for Holy Water. I was in a hurry and kind of begrudged this interruption.

As she and I left the church, she had another request: "can I sleep by the side of the church? "Can I have permission?" I was flustered and stammered, "Yes, I think so."

I then got in my car and I watched her. She was unrolling a blanket on the ground next to her cart containing all her belongings. Now it is often lovely on December days, but the desert is always cold at night - in the 40's.

So I finally got out of the car, asked two Mexicans standing by to help and they loaded her cart in my car and followed me and the lady in my car.

As we drove, she spoke a stream of consciousness.

Who was she! Where was she going?

I will never know.

Could she have been Jesus of Nazareth passing by?


At the motel, my Mexican helper insisted on paying the $69 lodging bill. So I got off easy. But I barely passed the test, for I almost drove off leaving her to camp in the cold night.

Sometimes God seeks us out on our path. We can hurry on and miss the hidden gift He has for us....or we can stop along the way and help others with their burdens. Be alert on the 2014 path.