On the Feast of Saint Valentine, lift up yor Hearts!

Our hearts are burdened with Covid, Insurection, Impeachment.

These are momentous and historic days.

The House Managers last appeal was to "common sense."

Yes. Let us return to common sense.

Imciting a mob can be accomplished by a demogue.

It has has happeed before. It can happen again.

May we be delivered from such violence and frenzy.

How fitting the words of  the young  poet Amanda Gorman, a parishoner of an L.A. Catholic parish:

Scripture tells us that 'everyone shall sit uder their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid.' if we are to live up to that in our own time, then victory won't lie in the blade, but in the bridges we've made...

We have seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it, would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy. And this effort very nearly succeeded. But when democracy can be periodicaly delayed, it can never be permanently defeated...."

"In this truth, in this faith we trust, for while we have our eyes on the future, history has its eyes on us..."